Makes cleaning a breeze...

  • No manual switching on and off is necessary - the integrated water sensor takes care of that.
  • Li-Ion Battery allows a runtime >1 hr. The battery is conveniently charged via the supplied charger, without having to open the device for it.
  • The status LEDs indicate when Poolwonder should be recharged and when the device is fully operational again. The intelligent charging circuit also prevents overcharging the battery.
  • Thanks to the optimized performance, foliage can also be absorbed and the patented design provides the same suction force at the entire diameter of 11 cm.

2 100 micron filter bags for dirt and leaves

The two supplied filter bags can be reused many times.

Note: NOT to filter the pool water in case of water problems! NOT for dust particles, such as chlorine-decomposed algae, Sahara sand and the finest sludge.

5-Segment 140 cm pole

The included 140 cm telescopic pole consists of 5 elements and is easily plugged together.

If you own a deeper / larger pool and want to clean it from the outside:

Poolwonder v2 fits on all  nets / telescopic poles with standard clip system, which have an inner diameter of 30mm.


3 replaceable brushes and 11 cm diameter

There are 3 replaceable brushes at the bottom to optimize handling for normal use. If particularly stubborn dirt needs to be removed by scrubbing, 2 additional slots can be equipped with spare brushes (not included).

In addition, also the rotor is easy to replace.


Li-Ion battery and quick-charger

The blue power-on LED will start flashing when Poolwonder v2 should be recharged.

During charging, a red LED lights up and when the device is fully charged, this is indicated by a green LED.
Full charging takes less than 3 hours!
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