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Wide like no other ...

Thanks to the intelligent electronics, you don't have to switch the device on or off and an LED starts flashing as soon as the vacuum cleaner should be recharged. It also indicates when the device is fully charged and the charging circuit prevents overcharging.

The tiltable suction dome allows a cleaning angle between approx. 100° and 110°, which further simplifies handling.

Additional lockable tilt angle on the telescopic pole mount for even more flexible use!

The removable side wings allow the width to be reduced to 22 cm, which means that Poolwonder can also be used for small pools. Just like the quality ball bearings of German manufacture, all metal parts are of the highest quality and even suitable for salt electrolysis pools.

Simply insertable scrubbing brushes over the entire suction width!

Comes with 2 fine filter bags (100 micron and 50 micron) which can be reused many times!

Quick charger included

Required water depth: 22 cm
Note: The two filters supplied are very fine and can also absorb very fine sand. However, the unit is not intended for filtration of a pool! Particles smaller than 50 microns cannot be held. Algae dust and, for example, finest Sahara sand are often extremely fine and can only be removed with large filter systems or by sucking out the water with conventional pumps and subsequent backwashing.

Areas of application of the "Poolwonder Turbo XL" battery pool vacuum cleaner

Ideal for leaves and insects

Leaves and insects that have sunk to the bottom are simply sucked up and collected in the filter bag. Perfect for starting bathing fun immediately without having to fiddle with hoses and cables.

Ideal for coarse-grained sand

Coarse-grained sand and dirt (larger than 0.05 mm) is easily absorbed. Properties: Sinks quickly to the ground, does not disintegrate further and individual grains are easily visible to the naked eye and can be picked up with two fingers.

Unsuitable against algae problems

Not suitable for removing algae from the water. Algae clog the filters (the vacuum cleaner then swirls up dirt) and microalgae are too small. Even after treatment with chlorine, the decomposed algae cannot be vacuumed (dust cloud when vacuuming).

Not for dust and finest sand

Not suitable for very fine sand (e.g. Sahara sand), dust, pollen and mud. Characteristic: Is very easily whirled up into a dust cloud, often brought into the water by wind or originates from chlorine decomposed algae.

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12 reviews for Poolwonder Turbo XL - Made in Austria

  1. Karl (store manager) -

    Fast delivery and very satisfied !
    I have already bought the small pool vacuum cleaner (the v2) from you and have long wished for one that works just as well but is bigger! BRAVO
    One suggestion: I read in the description that the brushes are only there to protect the pool liner and that the device is for vacuuming and not for scrubbing. Perhaps larger brushes could be installed in the next version.

    LG from Langenlois

  2. Martin Pilsner (store manager) -

    Super device
    I bought a second one as a gift for an acquaintance.
    I am very satisfied with this vacuum cleaner.
    Easy to use and cleans thoroughly.
    It was delivered within a week.
    The service is also top! Quick response to questions. I can only recommend it.

  3. Lenny (store manager) -

    Simply great
    I rarely or never write a review like this, but in this case, I just have to give the product its due.
    Our pool measures 6x3m with a depth of 1.50m. I have tried pretty much all types of vacuuming, from automatic pool robots to various battery-powered devices or vacuuming via the pool's suction connection. Either the suction power was not sufficient, the operation was too complicated or it took forever to set up and dismantle the device or for the suction process itself. The result was always frustrating and vacuuming the pool was a task that was only tackled reluctantly.
    With this vacuum cleaner, too, I was very sceptical as to whether it was any good. It already looks rather cheap in the pictures. But the positive reviews on Amazon made me give it a try. In fact, when I unpacked the device, it looked a bit cheap and rickety at first. However, this feeling was not confirmed in use.
    Only time will tell how the device will hold up in the long run. A very positive aspect is the fact that there are many spare parts such as batteries, propellers, brushes and filter bags, and that they are also very cheap.
    Unfortunately, there is no telescopic pole included in the delivery. But any standard pole on the market will fit and I still have mine from the landing net.
    There is no ON or OFF switch on the device. It only has to be immersed in the water and then switches itself on automatically. When you look at the device and how it works, you can't really believe it, but this vacuum cleaner has a lot of steam. I haven't even really run the vacuum over the dirt and it already sucks up everything in its immediate vicinity so that it's just a joy. The 50 micron filter bags really pick up the smallest particles and they stay in the bag and don't just get blown back into the pool. Otherwise, when I vacuumed, all the fine dirt would just settle back to the bottom after an hour. Really frustrating.
    Here, the pool really stays clean even after hours...great.
    Thanks to the lightweight design, the vacuum cleaner is also wonderfully easy to push through the pool. And with the really great suction power, also at a speed where other vacuums just swirl up the dirt instead of vacuuming and you need ages to vacuum the whole pool. Here you can really move around the pool at a reasonable speed.
    The filter bags are also attached and removed in no time...after vacuuming, the filter bag is simply rinsed out under the tap and that's it. The rechargeable battery can withstand a few suction processes without complaint before it has to be put back in the can.
    It really is so easy, fast and uncomplicated to work with the vacuum cleaner that it is just fun and the suction power is simply great. If the device lasts even longer, I can only say, hats off to Poolwonder.
    You should just think about your marketing a bit. I first became aware of you by chance, via various pool forums, and it took a lot of research to find you again later, as the vacuum cleaner is no longer sold on Amazon and could no longer be found in the search. The vacuum cleaner is also not mentioned in any of the pool vacuum test reports. It would be a shame if such a great product did not sell well.
    I can only warmly recommend this device to everyone!

  4. Fischer G. (store manager) -

    Super unit and best service
    The device works perfectly, the service is fast, generous and uncomplicated!

  5. Michael (store manager) -

    Fast delivery, I am very satisfied with the cleaning of the pool.
    Had to wait a bit to buy the Poolwonder Turbo XL (07.2020).
    Cleaning the Intex Graphite Pool is quite easy. The device switches on and off automatically - the solution with the bags is very simple, because it also removes suspended particles, e.g. pollen, sand, algae, etc. The cleaning process is very easy. A clear thumbs up for the purchase.
    See you Michael

  6. Völske (store manager) -

    Fast delivery, very satisfied
    Absolutely super part. Works perfectly and cleans the pool excellently.

  7. Rosenbaum (store manager) -

    Simply outstanding
    The part has already paid for itself after two weeks of operation. After 5 minutes, everything lying around in the floor-level pool is reliably bagged. A clear recommendation to buy. But why it is always sold out remains a mystery.

  8. Acet (store manager) -

    The best !
    The best I've ever had, sucks up even the smallest particles, I'm just thrilled and it's a must for every pool owner!!!! So vacuuming is fun

  9. Unimportant (store manager) -

    Ingenious device
    When I unpacked the device, I first thought "oops" - somehow, despite the very clear pictures here, I had expected something more spectacular at this price. At first glance, it makes a very simple and cheap impression. However, after using it several times, I can say: the device is amazing. A pragmatist must have been at work - simple, no frills but incredibly user-friendly and effective - what it sucks away is awesome, it really makes pool maintenance fun.
    Many thanks and a clear recommendation to buy.

  10. Sven Zander (Verified owner) -

    I don't know where to start: With the customer service or with the Poolwonder TurboXL. I'll start with the customer service, which I'm extremely enthusiastic about. I paid for the Poolwonder via buy-it-now and wondered why my order was taking so long to process. I wrote to customer service to ask why my order was still being "processed". Customer service got back to me immediately: super friendly and detailed, not an off-the-shelf email. They explained to me how the order process works with "buy it now".
    "Buy it now" doesn't mean "buy it now", but the dealer also has to wait until "buy it now" has transferred the money from the customer, and that's how long it says "processing". I thanked them for the quick reply and Poolwonder wrote back and thanked them as well. That's what I call customer service, who behaves like that is also interested in helping the customer with problems and making him satisfied. For this alone there is 100%. This is a service that you don't really come across any more.

    Now I come to the shipping, here too I was mega surprised and thrilled. After my order was "processed", it took less than a day and I had the Poolwonder in my hands. That's what I call fast delivery: TOP!!!!

    Now to the Poolwonder Turbo XL. I have a steel-walled pool with a diameter of 6 m and a not so nicely shaped pool bottom edge (I heaped it up with sand on the inside as in the description, I didn't know that the edge is also available ready-made 😀 ). I do NOT find the Poolwonder Turbo to be "cheap" in terms of workmanship, yes it is made of plastic, but I find it very good, everything holds and does not make a rickety impression. Before the Turbo, I cleaned my pool in the conventional way with a vacuum cleaner from the DIY store and a hose over the skimmer. The preparation alone took 20 minutes and the vacuuming over an hour, especially as sand from the filter system got into the water. Because of the time involved, I was actually looking for a pool robot, but you have to pay a lot for that and then I came across the Turbo!!!! Before I bought it, I read a lot of testimonials. I was also sceptical about the company from Austria, suction power, payment options etc. The Turbo comes with an initial charge and so I was able to try it out straight away. As soon as the Turbo XL touched the floor, I was already mega EXCITED. You can see the suction power immediately. Before it got to the dirty spots, it sucked up everything in front of it, even the sand that you couldn't see, it took over effortlessly, I was surprised how much sand was still in the pool. It took me about 20 minutes and the pool was ready, not even my pool edge was a problem, everything was sucked up. I'm thrilled with the machine and it's a purchase that makes my eyes water. I give it 100+ stars.

    Now I come to the scope of delivery. The Turbo XL comes with 2 different filter bags (marked with different colours), suction extensions on the sides, and what's even more mega TOP, a 6/7 ring spanner, which alone costs 3 euros in the DIY store. The battery charge is sufficient for the first operation and it was also recharged very quickly, I mean 1.5 hours for me, I can't say exactly now, but I found it quick.

    All in all, a 100% buy recommendation and a 100% alternative to robots if you're not completely lazy, this thing is just MEGA!!!!!

    I have written this detailed review because I am totally enthusiastic about the Turbo and I find the price-performance ratio absolutely okay and more than fair. I wrote my review without any input from the manufacturer or other intuitions, I did it to make it easier for others to make a purchase decision because the Poolwonder Turbo XL totally convinced me. I hope I never have to buy the Turbo again, but I would do it in a heartbeat *grin*.
    Sven Zander

  11. hfranck (Verified owner) -

    I make it short- just wonderful
    Everything as described by above customers, such as Lenny August 2019. Perfect!

  12. Richard (Verified owner) -

    Easy to use, great suction, really easy and clean bag after use.
    Another big plus is that I no longer have mess/dirt going from my pool vac point into the sand filter.

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