As a special promise of quality we give 18 months warranty on our equipment. Wear parts such as brushes and filter bags are of course excluded. If you have a problem, please contact us via e-mail or contact form (under the menu item «Contact & Service») – we will help you quickly and easily.

Yes, you can without problems ! (-: We use only high quality stainless steel parts.

Poolwonder v2

It is correct that 3 brushes are installed, as this is the favourable setup for a more comfortable handling and sliding on the surface. It can be equipped with up to 5 brushes if needed and you could order replacement brushes. However, this is rather unfavorable for the handling and therefore we deliver Poolwonder v2 exclusively with 3 brushes.

The fabric has a pore size of 100 microns. This is a very fine fabric, much finer than about fine tights. However, algae and chlorine-decomposed algae can still be much smaller than 100 microns and therefore we advise against buying pool vacuum cleaners for such purposes. The only reliable way to suck such ultrafine pollutants from the water is the conventional way by means of a suction hose, which is connected to the pool pump or an external pump and the water removed from the pool.

Poolwonder v2 requires at least 17 cm water heigth.

Yes. First, turn the device upside down. Grasp under the propeller with both hands and pull off with a bit of force. Simply press the propeller firmly back to re-attach (The propeller can not slide down too far from model year 2018).

Yes, the brushes can be pulled out with pliers and plugged back in again as well. Replacement brushes are available in our online store.

Any pool size can be cleaned, but the larger the pool, the more time it takes, as Poolwonder v2 has a cleaning diameter of 11 cm. Thus Poolwonder v2 is also suitable for larger pools very well, if punctual pollution is present and a quick cleaning should take place.
The complete cleaning of a pool with 4x8m can be done with coarse and large-scale contamination with several emptying of the filter bag, but of course takes more time.
Smaller pools can be cleaned in 5-10 minutes.
Ideal also for whirlpools.

Poolwonder Turbo XL

The minimum required water heigth is 22 cm.

Yes, the propeller is replaceable with the help of standard tools.

Purchase & Delivery

Within Austria we ship with the Austrian Post, to Germany and the other EU countries mostly with DHL , sometimes with UPS.

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