Poolwonder Cleverix battery pool vacuum cleaner starter kit - Made in Austria


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Just dive in and get started

Two filters - coarse and fine

Filter bags with 100 micron and 200 micron for dirt and leaves

The scope of delivery includes 1x white standard filter(0.1 mm) for very fine dirt and 1x red filter bag(0.2 mm) for water with lots of suspended particles that would clog the fine filters.

The two filter bags supplied can bereused many times .

Note: NOT for filtering pool water in the event of water problems! NOT for dust particles, such as algae decomposed by chlorine, Sahara sand and very fine sludge.


Starter Kit 8 - Segment 205 cm Marine Stainless Steel Pool Pole

The included 205 cm starter kit pole consists of 8 screwable segments made ofmarine stainless steel.

For frequent use or cleaning from the outside, we recommend telescopic poles:

Poolwonder Cleverix fits all commercially available landing nets/telescopic poles with a clip system that have an internal diameter of 30 mm.

Cleverix Bottom with Specs

4 interchangeable brushes and 18 cm suction width

There are 4 interchangeable brushes on the underside to remove even stubborn dirt by scrubbing.

The suction width is 18 cm (effective suction area 115 cm²) and thanks to
the Poolwonder system, the same suction effect is available over the entire
suction area.

Cleverix swivel arm zoom

Swivel arm with auto-tilt function

The swivel arm allows for effortless handling and the pool vacuum cleaner remains flat on the ground even when cleaning from the outside thanks to the optimum center of gravity. The auto-tilt mechanism
allows Cleverix to slide into a position
when it is lifted out of the water, where any dirt that has been sucked up cannot escape.

Areas of application for the "Poolwonder Cleverix" cordless pool cleaner

The ideal area of application for our latest cordless pool vacuum cleaner Poolwonder Cleverix is the quick and uncomplicated cleaning of the pool floor from small areas of dirt such as insects, leaves and sand (no dust). Poolwonder Cleverix has a suction radius of 18 cm and, thanks to its patented design, effectively vacuums evenly over the entire diameter and not just a small section. The filter bag has a capacity of approximately 1.5 liters and can be emptied very easily. Thanks to the powerful battery and the easy-to-empty filter bag, the Poolwonder Cleverix pool cleaner can also work longer and collect more dirt.

Waterproof to a depth of 3 m. Minimum required water depth: 12 cm

Recommended for round pools up to a diameter of 3 m, pools up to a size of approx. 2×4 m or an area of approx. 8 m².



Ideal for leaves and insects

Leaves and insects that have sunk to the bottom are simply sucked up and collected in the filter bag. Perfect for starting bathing fun immediately without having to fiddle with hoses and cables.


Ideal for coarse-grained dirt and sand

Coarse-grained sand and dirt (larger than 0.1 mm) is easily absorbed. Properties: Sinks quickly to the ground, does not disintegrate further and individual grains are easily visible to the naked eye and can be picked up with two fingers.


Unsuitable against algae problems

Not suitable for removing algae from the water. Algae clog the filters (the vacuum cleaner then swirls up dirt) and microalgae are too small. Even after treatment with chlorine, the decomposed algae cannot be vacuumed (dust cloud when vacuuming).


Not for dust and finest sand

Not suitable for very fine sand (e.g. Sahara sand), dust, pollen and mud. Characteristic: Is very easily whirled up into a dust cloud, often brought into the water by wind or originates from chlorine decomposed algae.

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