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Poolwonder Marvelix Battery Pool Vacuum Cleaner - Made in Austria

(21 customer reviews)


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Just dive in and get started


2 filter bags with 100 micron for dirt and leaves

The two filter bags supplied can be used many times . reused many times. One filter bag often lasts the whole season!

Note: NOT for filtration of pool water in case of water problems! NOT for dust particles such as algae decomposed by chlorine, Sahara sand and finest mud.


Starter Kit 8 - Segment 205 cm Marine Stainless Steel Pool Pole

 The included 205 cm starter kit pole consists of 8 screwable segments.

For frequent use or cleaning from the outside, we recommend telescopic poles:

Poolwonder v2 fits all commercially available landing nets/ telescopic poles with clip system, which have an inner diameter of 30mm.


7 interchangeable brushes and 20 cm suction circle

There are 7 interchangeable brushes on the underside to remove even stubborn dirt by scrubbing.

In addition, the rotor can be easily plugged in and unplugged by means of a patented plug-in mechanism.

Poolwonder Marvelix Battery Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Li-ion battery and fast-charge charger included

During charging, a red LED lights up and when the unit is fully charged, this is indicated by a green LED. The full charge takes less than 3 hours .

Areas of application of the "Poolwonder Marvelix" battery pool cleaner

The ideal field of application for our newest battery pool vacuum cleaner Poolwonder Marvelix is the quick and uncomplicated cleaning of the pool floor from small-area dirt such as insects, leaves, sand (no dust). Poolwonder Marvelix has a suction radius of 20 cm and, thanks to its patented design, sucks evenly over the entire diameter and not just on a small section effectively. The filter bag has a capacity of approximately 1.5 litres and can be emptied very easily. Thanks to the powerful battery and the easy-to-empty filter bag, the Poolwonder Marvelix pool cleaner can also work longer and collect more dirt.


Ideal for leaves and insects

Leaves and insects that have sunk to the bottom are simply sucked up and collected in the filter bag. Perfect for starting bathing fun immediately without having to fiddle with hoses and cables.


Ideal for coarse-grained dirt and sand

Coarse-grained sand and dirt (larger than 0.1 mm) is easily absorbed. Properties: Sinks quickly to the ground, does not disintegrate further and individual grains are easily visible to the naked eye and can be picked up with two fingers.


Unsuitable against algae problems

Not suitable for removing algae from the water. Algae clog the filters (the vacuum cleaner then swirls up dirt) and microalgae are too small. Even after treatment with chlorine, the decomposed algae cannot be vacuumed (dust cloud when vacuuming).


Not for dust and finest sand

Not suitable for very fine sand (e.g. Sahara sand), dust, pollen and mud. Characteristic: Is very easily whirled up into a dust cloud, often brought into the water by wind or originates from chlorine decomposed algae.

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21 reviews for Poolwonder Marvelix Battery Pool Vacuum Cleaner - Made in Austria

  1. Anders -

    I read the reviews of the other Poolwonder cleaners and therefore ordered the Marvelix, even though it has no reviews yet. I was not disappointed! A clear buy recommendation from me.

    Unverified purchase. More

  2. Buyer -

    Top advice in advance (answer within an hour). Top delivery (the very next day). And above all: top product! Sucks wonderfully and the annoying hose connection is history. Keep it up!

    Verified purchase. More

  3. Schneider -

    I am completely thrilled. Top for our steel-walled pool with 22,000 litres. When I unpacked it, I first thought, ok, is this supposed to work....? But it really is top-notch.
    A clear recommendation to buy!

    Verified purchase. More

    • Poolwonder -

      Thank you very much for your honest and nice review 😀 ! Continue to have fun with Poolwonder - If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  4. Schulze , Bernd -

    At first I was sceptical, about miracles, then the small package arrived and my scepticism grew.
    Unpacked, loaded and off into the water. For our pool, approx. 17000 l, perfect. Everything was done in 10 minutes.
    Washed out the dirt bag, everything was perfect. I can only recommend it, therefore 5 stars.

    Unverified purchase. More

  5. Barbara Bevilacqua -

    Dopo un piccolo contrattempo con la spedizione il prodotto è arrivato in 5 giorni dall'ordine; gentilissimo e competente il team della pool wonder nel rispondere alla mia mail di sollecito . Il prodotto funziona benissimo (piscina di 5 metri lunghezza per 3 di larghezza). In pochi minuti il fondo è perfettamente pulito. Devo dire che nel mio caso ha aspirato anche la sabbia abbastanza fine che giaceva sul fondo. Prodotto super consigliato.

    Verified purchase. More

  6. Erich -

    My V2 has 7 years of service for our 5m round pool since I had no problems with him in this time I have now decided for the Marvelix I hope he sucks just as good as his predecessor.
    Ordered on Saturday and 3 days later get delivered can only recommend.

    Verified purchase. More

  7. Steven -

    Quite clear purchase recommendation! Works anyway even with algae and mud, you just have to wash out the bag more often.Makes besides still riesen fun, because you immediately see the result also.Meanwhile, in the family is already argued, who may clean the pool.Principle is simple as ingenious and worth every penny! Delivery was within two days after ordering and is now approx.a month with great enthusiasm in use ... 👍

    Verified purchase. More

  8. Gianni Alberini -

    Dopo tante ricerche posso dire di essere un felice possessore del Marvelix. Ha tutto quello che serve, facile da usare ed efficiente. Un buon prodotto!

    Verified purchase. More

  9. Gianni Alberini -

    Dopo tante ricerche posso dire di essere un felice possessore del Marvelix. Ha tutto quello che serve, facile da usare ed efficiente. Un buon prodotto che consiglierò!

    Verified purchase. More

  10. Ria Eagle -

    I got the pool cleaner yesterday and was also skeptical because of the size of the box. Have him assembled , battery charged , which also went very quickly , have him then tried today . I am really surprised how great it works! Finally I have found the perfect pool cleaner and I have tried so some !!! So from me five stars !!!! Really great product !!!!

    Verified purchase. More

  11. HEGUY -

    Je suis ravie de ce nettoyeur. Nous avons un robot autonome qui nettoie la piscine de façon aléatoire et qui donc ne nettoie pas la totalité du basin (et son coût était très élevé...). Nous avons aussi essayé de brancher un tuyau au skimmer ou à une prise balai puis de lancer la filtration, mais toujours très compliqué.
    Cet aspirateur à batterie est très facile d'utilisation, on voit parfaitement ce que l'on aspire et on nettoie le sac très rapidement.
    J'en viens presque à aimer nettoyer ma piscine !!!
    Il nous a été livré très rapidement.
    Je conseille vivement ce produit et je l'étonne qu'il ne soit pas plus connu car il mérite de l'être !!!

    Unverified purchase. More

  12. Jacqueline H. -

    On 18.05.2023 ordered the pool vacuum cleaner Marvelix at Poolwonder and within a day already on 19.5.23 delivered. 🙂 🙂 Everything super processed and he also works very, very well!!! In no time the pool was free of debris on the bottom. The dirt also remained in the net, thanks to the prima folding mechanism! The pool vacuum works extremely quietly. Poolwonder offers a super performance to shipping, communication, quality of goods and service in general. Also, the price is not too high and the product is completely appropriate! Clear purchase recommendation! I am absolutely thrilled!

    Verified purchase. More

    • Poolwonder -

      Thank you very much for your great experience report!

  13. Gunter -

    very good suction power, is amazing how fast the cleaning goes with this yet rather small device.
    The rod could be a little stronger, is a bit thin and bends easily.
    So far there are no complaints, you can only recommend this device.

    Unverified purchase. More

    • Poolwonder -

      We are very happy about your recommendation! From now on have fun with Poolwonder and have a great summer !

  14. Gerhard Zier -

    Reviews read, bought, plugged in and works as promised. Grade the right size, weight and handling are easy! Recommended!

    Verified purchase. More

    • Poolwonder -

      Thank you very much for your great feedback! We read every review and are very happy about yours!

  15. Armin Roth -

    Hello, first of all a really big compliment to your pool vacuum MARVELIX.
    Our family has tried many a thing called a pool vacuum over the years, but it's all been crap so far.

    The situation is different with your pool vacuum MARVELIX, I was of course skeptical before the first use and thought OK much is not on the part. But now comes Akku geladen out to the pool, pool vacuum cleaner MARVELIX pure and off the part started to suck. And what can I say super super good he does, nothing is with snail's pace through the pool, no you can move the vacuum much much faster than anything that was there before. Because it really has ****** real power ******. Also the 20cm diameter is just awesome. I have a pool in the size of 6m x 4m there was in not even 15 minutes ready and the pool floor was flash blank. Since even the cleaning is now so really fun, because you can watch as the dirt disappears and is not distributed in the pool.

    Unverified purchase. More

    • Poolwonder -

      Dear Mr. Roth, thank you very much for your wonderful review and the great motivation !!!

  16. Volker Kipp -

    I am thrilled. Works great, without great plugging together and and....
    Simply attach the bag and start. The result is top. I have my 20000l pool about 4.5m diameter Ruckzuck cleaned.
    Compared to my other two vacuums before much faster and easier.

    Unverified purchase. More

  17. I.B. -

    After our 3 year old, generally popular pool vacuum stopped charging due to a technical glitch, we were looking for a new product and came across Poolwonder Marvelix.
    The positive reviews moved us to order the vacuum, which was delivered the very next day. Compared to our old
    old product, Marvelix is much smaller, lighter and more maneuverable. It operates extremely quietly and turns on automatically when it comes in contact with water.
    The catch bag is paper thin and dries very quickly.
    We clean our 15 m3 pool in max. 10 minutes, everything tip-top. The supplied, somewhat short rod (in segments) we do not use, for this we use our good
    we use our good landing net rod. We can unreservedly recommend Marvelix, we are thrilled !!!!

    Verified purchase. More

  18. reinhard suda -

    have received a few days ago the marvelix pool vacuum cleaner, when unpacking I thought that is a child's toy and I was rather skeptical, after assembly, he was immediately tried in the overflow basin of my pool and lo and behold, I was taught better, the suction effect was extremely good for this little thing, from me an absolute buy recommendation, but there is a small disadvantage and that are the parts
    the handle bar-screw together, I use a matching whole rod anyway, also in the pool 65000ltr.makes it excellent so for in between so I do not always have to put the pool robot in, all in all-absolute buy recommendation, worth mentioning is also the fast delivery and thus 5 points !!!!

    Verified purchase. More

  19. Jens -

    I've been looking into different pool vacuums for a long time. So far, I have cleaned my 10 sqm pool with a pool vacuum cleaner supplied with the pool with a hose connection to the filter system. This was too much work for me in the long run and the suction power was not satisfactory for me. This product from Europe appealed to me, the very easy operation, the fast charging of the battery and the sophisticated technology along with replaceable brushes and propellers, the after-sale warranty, as well as the easy cleaning of the filter bags have pleased me. The suction power is great, the handling is very easy, the tilting mechanism works perfectly and I like the sustainability of the reusable bags. I am thrilled about the automatic switch-on of the vacuum when it is immersed in water. Many customers on a major shopping portal complain about the aluminum rods that are included. However, since the Poolwonder v2 fits all commercially available landing nets / telescopic rods with clip system, which have an inner diameter of 30mm, I have used the already existing telescopic rod. I can not yet say anything about the longevity of the battery and the motor.

    Verified purchase. More

  20. adiposer -

    Have been looking for a pool vacuum cleaner for a long time. Also had a robot to try out. But in the end I chose Poolwonder Marvelin. For my pool, 22m³ the best solution. Easy to use , easy to clean, sucks super...and what still particularly stands out: The perfect customer service!!! Absolutely recommended!!!👍👍

    Verified purchase. More

  21. A.Fischer -

    A friend recommended it and I was able to try it on a trial basis.
    What can I say.......SUPER !!!!!
    Ordered and within a few days was delivered.
    Unpacked and off we went.
    It is really fun with it. The annoying connect to the pump and the long hose from the pool vacuum cleaner, pump on and change everything falls away, perfect!
    Within a short time the pool is clean, perfect!
    In between quickly clean, no problem more, perfect !
    Our dog (Labrador) also swims in the pool, the dog hair takes the Marvelix without problems, perfect !
    The filter bags, washable, sustainable , perfect !
    Automatic start as soon as the suction is immersed in the pool, perfect !
    All parts are replaceable, perfect !
    The only shortcoming is the telescopic rod supplied, but we have used from the pool vacuum the telescopic rod.

    All around PERFECT !!!
    Clear buy recommendation!

    Unverified purchase. More

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