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Just dive in and get started


2 filter bags with 100 micron for dirt and leaves

The two filter bags supplied can be used many times . reused many times. One filter bag often lasts the whole season!

Note: NOT for filtration of pool water in case of water problems! NOT for dust particles such as algae decomposed by chlorine, Sahara sand and finest mud.


Starter Kit 8 - Segment 205 cm Pool Rod

 The included 205 cm starter kit pole consists of 8 screwable segments.

For frequent use or cleaning from the outside, we recommend telescopic poles:

Poolwonder v2 fits all commercially available landing nets/ telescopic poles with clip system, which have an inner diameter of 30mm.


5 interchangeable brushes and 13.5 cm suction circle

On the underside are 5 interchangeable brushes attached to be able to remove even stubborn dirt by scrubbing.

In addition, the rotorcan also be easily unplugged.


Li-ion battery and fast-charge charger included

The blue operation LED starts flashing as soon as Poolwonder v2 should be recharged .

During charging, a red LED lights up and when the unit is fully charged, this is indicated by a green LED. The full charge takes less than 3 hours .

Areas of application of the "Poolwonder v2" battery pool vacuum cleaner

The ideal field of application for Poolwonder v2 is the quick and uncomplicated cleaning of the pool floor from small-area dirt such as insects, leaves, sand (no dust). Poolwonder v2 has a suction radius of 13.5 cm and, thanks to its patented design, sucks effectively evenly over the entire diameter and not just on a small section. The filter bag has a capacity of approximately 1.5 litres and can be emptied very easily. Thanks to the powerful battery and the easy-to-empty filter bag, Poolwonder v2 can also work longer and collect more dirt.


Ideal for leaves and insects

Leaves and insects that have sunk to the bottom are simply sucked up and collected in the filter bag. Perfect for starting bathing fun immediately without having to fiddle with hoses and cables.


Ideal for coarse-grained dirt and sand

Coarse-grained sand and dirt (larger than 0.1 mm) is easily absorbed. Properties: Sinks quickly to the ground, does not disintegrate further and individual grains are easily visible to the naked eye and can be picked up with two fingers.


Unsuitable against algae problems

Not suitable for removing algae from the water. Algae clog the filters (the vacuum cleaner then swirls up dirt) and microalgae are too small. Even after treatment with chlorine, the decomposed algae cannot be vacuumed (dust cloud when vacuuming).


Not for dust and finest sand

Not suitable for very fine sand (e.g. Sahara sand), dust, pollen and mud. Characteristic: Is very easily whirled up into a dust cloud, often brought into the water by wind or originates from chlorine decomposed algae.

37 reviews for Poolwonder v2 battery pool vacuum cleaner - Made in Austria

  1. Ewald -

    I already bought your device last year via Amazon and am so satisfied that I have now bought a second device for my father-in-law! The little vacuum is really well done and makes my work so much easier! Many thanks

  2. Doris Kohlhepp -

    The product is simply great. But the service from Poolwonder is even better. We lost the charging cable after 1 year due to renovation work. I asked Poolwonder if we could buy a replacement charger. The answer came promptly
    The device is super great. But the service from Poolwonder is even better. Had lost the charging cable after 1 year due to renovation work. Asked Poolwonder if they could send a replacement charging cable. They promptly replied that they would send me a new charging cable free of charge. That's what I call service. You rarely find anything like that these days. Super, super.

  3. Daniele Treichel -

    Super pool vacuum cleaner
    Bought the vacuum cleaner yesterday via amazon
    Arrived today and tested
    Super part . It makes the vacuuming fun
    After a children's birthday party, the pool was very dirty... Confetti grass gravel everything was represented and was sucked up by the pool vacuum with ease

  4. Berthold -


  5. Antje -

    Poolwonder V2 - IS A WONDERFUL vacuum cleaner
    We've only had the little vacuum cleaner for about 14 days and it's simply indispensable. Cleaning the pool is really fun and enjoyable. It is simply to be recommended.

  6. Markus -

    Small but mighty
    I first read the reviews on Amazon, as there were very few here. The many positive reviews are no coincidence. The device is of course small with a suction diameter of 11 cm, but comparable handheld vacuums that I have already had are no comparison in terms of performance.

  7. Edi Lindenthal -

    Fast delivery and as described
    I became aware of the product through an advertisement on Facebook and the video convinced me. The floor cleaner was delivered quickly and so far I am extremely satisfied.

  8. Ingo Morgenstern -

    Good, suitable for normal cleaning
    With more dirt, like recently after the storms, it reaches its limits. Too bad. Accessories are missing, longer pole, so replacement tubes etc. Maybe a suction attachment across.

  9. Gabriele -

    Poolwonder V2
    a great little device with super performance, have a round pool 5 m diameter, it cleans it effortlessly, very quiet device, you actually don't hear it at all, good value for money !

  10. Nicole -

    Pool is clean... !!!
    I was surprised at the small box when DHL delivered it. But everything was included and the Poolwonder is actually not very big. However, it completely fulfils its purpose. The battery was quickly fully charged and we were
    were amazed at how well this small device "ate" the sand from the bottom. A clear recommendation to buy! Top!

  11. Hiltrud Schäfer -

    Great device
    Have had the vacuum for a week now!
    I didn't expect it to suck so well! Delivery also went very quickly! Super!

  12. Robert -

    Top device super vacuum cleaner
    After quick delivery, I immediately loaded the vacuum cleaner (took approx. 3 hours as described) and tested it.
    It is top the pool was clean in 10 minutes
    Leaves are no problem
    I also got out fine dust and some sand.
    I can recommend this vacuum to anyone who wants to clean small to medium sized pools.
    Our pool is a round pool with 3,50 × 0,90 m
    For me the vacuum cleaner is sufficient
    No additional hoses or pumps needed
    Just put the suction cup in the water and off you go.

  13. Sandra -

    Ingenious, simply great device.

  14. J. Fasel -

    I got it yesterday and have already tried it 2 times. I must say that the Austrians have something on it, I would not have thought, but performance and quality 1A.shipping super fast. Hope the part lasts a few more years.

  15. Mone -

    A great and convincing device. I am more than thrilled. Pool super in no time at all. Great!

  16. Sonja -

    Bought on Wednesday - delivered on Saturday, loaded and tested.
    Finally a tiptop clean pool, not the slightest bit of sand remains in it.
    Absolutely recommendable.

  17. Günter -

    Great device with 1A service
    Great vacuum makes cleaning much easier, small, quiet and sucks super, I can only recommend. Unfortunately the charger was broken, I wrote an email and got a replacement in two days. 1A service I can only recommend. Thanks a lot

  18. Detlef Zeigert -

    A very great device! Very good service, the vacuum cleaner no longer worked after charging! A short email to the technical department, a short enquiry from Poolwonder and the solution was ready! The power supply unit was defective and was replaced within a few days.

  19. Karl -

    Unit very good
    The device works very well. Only the bar supplied seems too unstable. The bar should not be hollow to improve stability.

  20. Frank -

    Simple construction but ingenious
    I have been using the "little one" for three years now and it still works perfectly, even the battery lasts a long time. Diving goggles, snorkel and off you go, so you can see the dirt even better.

  21. Ilonka Müller -

    recommendable device with super service!!!
    We have an installation pool of 4.00 m x 2.00 m and I have the vacuum after a super short delivery time already used three times, the charging was done in just under three hours, the suction power is enormous for such a small device sogat the fine joint sand of the terrace that had been carried in, he sucked out tiptop with, the device is handy and can always be used quickly in between, only the telescopic pole is weak because it is somewhat unstable and the individual segments always untwist when used, but the filter bag is easy to attach and easy to clean under running water,
    the customer service is excellent, because I had a small complaint and it was solved in a very short time and I even received a gift, it is also great that you can re-order all spare parts if something breaks,
    I am happy to have chosen this product and can only recommend it to others.

  22. Peter Richter -

    I got the vacuum cleaner on 10.06.2021 and tried it out straight away. I was thrilled that even the smallest particles were extracted, I am very satisfied with the device.

  23. Luck -

    Super pool vacuum cleaner
    Great pool vacuum cleaner Battery holds Service also top Missing parts delivered directly afterwards

  24. Markus -

    Really top
    I was a bit sceptical at first after having had some experiences with pool vacuums in the 50€ class, all of which were negative. My own construction with a submersible pump was unfortunately not a real success either. Then I dared to try again and ordered the V2. Yesterday it arrived. It was quickly assembled and loaded. Since the pool was not used due to the bad weather but had accumulated a lot of dirt in the meantime, the V2 was able to show what it could do. And what can I say? I am thrilled. It really cleans up a lot. Even the fine dust that settles on the floor in our house and that is otherwise difficult to get rid of was quickly collected in the filter bag. The pool was clean again in no time. Really great. Now it just has to last and not be defective after 2 months.

  25. Hendrik (Verified owner) -

    Great part

  26. Rose (Verified owner) -

    After a really long and thorough search for a decent vacuum, not overpriced but still good to use, I came across this vacuum. After reading the reviews and the information on the website, I decided to buy the V2. The package (quite small) arrived quickly and when I opened it, the first thing I noticed was how well thought out the packaging of the vacuum was - everything was sensibly stowed away without any extra volume, compliments! Assembled (child's play), charged and immediately tried out - HAMMER!!! It is incredibly light and does a really good job - my pool has never been so clean :)) You can take off the little cloth bag for collecting, clean it and use it again. There are also replacement bags and spare parts to order, should something break (e.g. the propeller). So this is not only a highly recommendable product, but also a top sustainable product! 5 stars!

  27. Axel Möhring -

    We bought the poolwonder V2 via Amazon prime. Delivery was very fast, the box and goods were perfect when they arrived.
    We have a very small, brick outdoor pool (2x3x1.20). In addition, there are stairs and a seating area walled in the pool. It is not a pool for swimming, only for cooling down and relaxing. The floor space at the bottom is therefore very small, poorly suited for a vacuum robot. Vacuuming with the supplied brush, the long hose over the filter system is very cumbersome.
    The assembly of the small V2 vacuum cleaner is simple and self-explanatory. Only when switching it on and off did I have to consult the instruction manual (...couldn't find the switch...) It was soon clear that the vacuum starts automatically when immersed. It sucks everything away! The filtering creates small swirls of dust and dirt on the floor. All gone. We are completely thrilled with this little helper and highly recommend the product. Five stars for it.
    Other aspects that have become very important to us in recent months are: 1. designed and built in Austria! 2. spare parts are available for the vacuum cleaner! No ex- and hopp product. Great!
    An all-round successful purchase, price and performance fit. We are very satisfied.

  28. Omchen -

    I agree with the super good opinions. I've been using the little dirt remover for 3 weeks now and I'm so satisfied that my sister has ordered one too. Great manufacturer, keep up the good work.

  29. Jan Eisermann (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery and does a great job.

  30. Stefan Lelle -

    Bought the vacuum cleaner for a hot tub. I am very satisfied. Does what it should. Easy to use. I can only recommend so far.

  31. Sebastian (Verified owner) -

    All in all very satisfied!

  32. Klemens Mayer (Verified owner) -

    Very good!!

    • Poolwonder (store manager) -

      Thank you very much for your great feedback! We read every review and are very happy about yours !

  33. Günther Stamm (Verified owner) -

    Super device am very satisfied!

    • Poolwonder (store manager) -

      We are very pleased ! Thank you very much and have a great pool time !

  34. Klaus Doboszewicz (Verified owner) -

    I have ordered 2 pieces V2 battery pool vacuum, one for me and one for a friend. We are both satisfied with it all around, because the pool can be cleaned quickly without annoying connection by means of hose to the pool pump.
    The only thing to criticize is the zusammem to screw rod, as this is very unstable. But, since we have a telescopic rod anyway, this is not a problem.

  35. Glanze (Verified owner) -

    Shipping is really very fast.
    Arrived today and loaded first.
    I always have the difficulty with my pool that "heavy dirt items" can not be flushed through the filter system, because the filter system is above the water level. Thus, there are always "black spots" in the flow circuit.
    The cheesecake picks up a lot, but also swirls.
    Now the expectations were already high.
    I am really enthusiastic about the sucker.
    You can slowly head for the said "spots" and very carefully pull across the floor. All gone ... Super, the dirt is in the catch bag, the pool floor clean, I happy and 100% satisfied.
    Clear purchase recommendation...

  36. Heinz (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery. The part is great, sucks even the fine sand from my hot tub without any problems. Had my grandchildren on the weekend to visit, now again everything super clean 😉
    Since you notice Austrian quality

    VG a fan from Germany

  37. Silke -

    I bought this pool vacuum cleaner in addition to a vacuum robot to quickly clean times denn Poll (4.0mx1.20m), if it should go quickly. My expectations are mega exceeded. I can only recommend this battery vacuum cleaner.
    All thumbs up🤩

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