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Patented suction system

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Made in Austria

Strong performance

Why choose a Poolwonder pool vacuum cleaner?

Poolwonder stands for innovative, easy-to-use and high-quality pool vacuum cleaners" Made in Austria".

The patented suction system enables powerful cleaning with low product weight. The vacuum cleaners are equipped with particularly large suction openings and all have reusable filter bags that can be easily emptied and replaced. A tedious connection to the swimming pool pump is not necessary with all Poolwonder pool vacuums.

Make it easy on yourself !

2 years
Manufacturer's warranty*

We are convinced of the quality of our products. That is why we voluntarily give a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee on all Poolwonder pool vacuum cleaners. (* Valid for private customers, more information in our terms and conditions).

Short supply chain
+ spare parts

We carry out repairs for pool vacuum cleaners up to 1 year out of warranty. Short delivery routes due to Made in Austria.

With Poolwonder pool cleaners, your pool will quickly be clean again ...

With Poolwonder, your pool will be clean again in no time at all and the bathing fun can begin. With all our pool vacuums, there is no need to connect the hose to the swimming pool pump and the dirt is not collected in the sand filter of the pump, but already in our reusable filter bags. The battery pool vacuums are equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries and allow very long running times with constant suction power. Our product range offers the right vacuum cleaner for almost every application and pool size. From whirlpools, above ground pools or inground pools. The patented principle allows a constant suction power over the entire suction width and also a comparatively very low product weight, which makes handling very easy. All battery pool vacuums are equipped with an automatic water sensor, which means that no manual switching on and off is necessary and makes the application child's play.  

Which pool vacuum cleaner is the best for my pool?

The three most important criteria for selecting a pool cleaner are the size of the pool, whether the soiling is mostly localised or extensive and the type of soiling. Another important point is the intended use of the pool cleaner: should it be used for cleaning in between and is there perhaps also a robot in use, or should the manual pool cleaner do all the work. Basically, we recommend Poolwonder v2 for small pools, Marvelix for medium-sized pools and Turbo XL for larger pools. Poolwonder v2 and Poolwonder Marvelix have the same collection bags, which can retain particles up to 0.1 mm. Poolwonder Turbo XL can retain even half as much dirt and has larger filter bags. For more information, please also have a look at our pool vacuum comparison(To the comparison) and our buying advice page(To the buying advice ).