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Why not just buy a robot?

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Many people ask themselves whether it would not be better to invest in a pool robot. In our experience, robots and manual pool cleaners can complement each other wonderfully, but we also know from the many testimonials of our customers that they often prefer to clean the pool themselves, as this can be done faster and more efficiently and you can quickly enjoy a clean pool at the right moment. Jump into the pool quickly, but insects on the ground or dirt brought in by the wind spoil the fun of swimming? That's exactly why we developed the Poolwonder battery pool vacuum. Simply immerse it in the water and in no time at all the dirt is in the reusable filter bag. Last but not least, we do not want to forget the aspect of energy saving. Only very rarely is the entire pool floor dirty, and the targeted control of the pool vacuum cleaner on the guide rod makes cleaning particularly energy-efficient.